Poker RakebackOnline Poker

Online poker rooms offer to the all players the opportunity to earn more money for playing poker. While playing online poker, players pay a fee, also know as rake in the world of poker. The rake is usually calculated as 3-5% from the total cash amount played at the poker table. The percentage varies from one poker room to another, and from a poker game limit to another.


For users that play poker every once in a while, rake paid is not a big amount to be considered as loss. For paying the full rake, these players get included in multiple bonus schemes and promotions.


On the other hand, users that play a lot of poker, on single tables or multiple tables, get to pay a considerable rake amount each month. To build loyalty among these players, poker rooms offer rakeback deals in cooperation with certain websites (like this one, powered by


For example, if a player plays poker and generates $5000 in rake / month (which is a standard amount for good players), using a rakeback deal can get them up to 40% back from these fees. ($2000 cash paid back to the player account each month).


As you can see, this is a considerable amount to get back, which adds up to the player's winnings. On top of that, some poker rooms also run special poker rake races where rakeback players are included. The objective is simple: users must play more and generate as much rake as possible in a month. Based on the player position in the leaderboard, the user can get extra cash prizes (which can reach up to 30-40% extra). Added to the rakeback, these users get most of their rake paid back to their accounts.